Flatsome Theme Search function

Hi guys,

I started pulling my white hair as I couldn’t find a solution for my limited WordPress ability. I am using Flatsome theme for my website and got to where I wanted to add a search function inside a page. the search is there but will not pull any info except the page name. the search is not on the header but inside the page as a widget.
please help and tell me what I am doing wrong.

i went through Flatsome UX docs and videos but nothing like what I am looking for

Thank you,


Hello @thegentleman4

Please contact the author of the theme for support. They will be able to help. Here’s how you can do that:

Hi MrsEnabled,

I have tried that before. sent team Flatsome an email through their support section five days ago but have not received a response yet. that’s why I posted here in case someone knows how. I don’t want to look desperate but I am.

No worries, I understand. There are some options you have in this situation:

  1. You can wait for someone to reply here.

  2. Check if your support period is still active (the support expires after 6 months after you purchase the theme). If it is still active and the author doesn’t provide support in the time period mentioned in the Support Tab of the item then you can request a refund. Here’s an article on how you can do that: Can I get a refund. However if you support period expired, then you should renew it → Extending and Renewing Item Support – Envato Market Help Center.

  3. If your support period is still active and you do not want to request a refund, then you can try sending another e-mail to the author and ask them about your support ticket.

  4. You can also leave them a comment in the comments section of the item. I’ve noticed that they respond pretty fast there.

I wish I could have told you the exact answer to your problem but I hope one of the options above will get you closer to the solution.:blush:

Thank you MrsEnabled.

Yes I’ll probably ask for a refund as I am not getting support apart from submitting a ticket request with no action.

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