Flag Counter Problem



Hi guys, hurray I’m venturing back onto the marketplace. :slight_smile:

I’ve got an issue, wondering if anyone can help. I’ve got flag counters on the homepage of each of my accounts, and they’ve stopped working properly. Every visitor is registered as being in Virginia, US. It’s been like that for weeks now. :smile: Any idea how it can be fixed? I tried google, couldn’t find anything about other users having similar issues. I’m talking about the site flagcounter.com

Cheers. :beer:


Does no one else have any problems with their flag counter? Or are flag counters passé now? :smiley:


Hi Martin, long time no see!

I think it’s due to Envato using CDN or a proxy server that is located in Virginia, which messes up with flagcounter… Or something like that…


Cheers PurpleFog! Oh well I guess it doesn’t matter. Item analytics are more useful, but I did quite like collecting flags. :smiley: I guess I’ll just let the US flag count keep running up then. :smiley: I’m happy to be back with new items in the works, it’s been a long time.