First Music Broadcast (10 Million) Song Sold! Yeah!

For the first time I sold my “Uplifting Indie Folk” song with a 10 Million Broadcast License and I am happy! Hiya! This is amazing!

Good luck with your works and sales!


Cool :thumbsup: Congrats :sparkles: Wish you sold Film Licence :slight_smile:

Congratulations, @pinballsound! It’s a big deal!

Congratulations for your big license!! :smile:

Congrats! :+1:

Congratulations! keep up the good work. Good luck for more sales. :slight_smile:

Congrats…!!! :slight_smile:

Great stuff! Congrats!

Thank you! It should be awesome!

Thank you, I was really excited!

Thank you!

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Thank you mate!

Thank you! Good luck for you too!


Thank you! :balloon::slight_smile:

Congratulations!! I had my first some weeks ago, it was curious because that was the second time that the buyer bought that track.

Thank you! Mine was the third one so it was curious too :slight_smile:

Your customer seems to be a very HONEST person then! :slight_smile:

@pinballsound Congrats dude ! It’s always nice to see your balance after that kinf of license :slight_smile:

Thank you! Oh yeah! It looks incredible at that moment :smile: