First earnings

I’ve never thought that music making could brings real money. Once when I played in one indie band we had a gig. After that gig we got 20 bucks and bottle of beer each of 5 band members, that was kind a cool. Free glass of beer and money for a couple more!

I played in a different bands for a 10 years, all I had during this time is a good mood of making music plus 20$ and a beer.

Now I’m almost 30 year old, but I’m finally happy of what I’ doing. I’ve earned 300 bucks for 2 months just making music tracks. Fantastic. Thank you, Envato team, you make dreams come true.

P.S. Sorry for grammar mistakes, Now I’m taking english lessons. So, I’m open for conversiation =)
Me on Audiojungle


That’s awesome! Congrats, and keep up the good work!

Thank You!

Congrats :wink:

Cool! I like these kind of happy milestones people share around here; so much positivity in them. Good luck for the future! :slight_smile:

Congrats! my story, actually, is very very similar to yours :wink:

Great job, Congratulations!!! and best of luck :slight_smile:

We really are in such an amazing time, aren’t we @BlueAstral? We all have the potential to earn an income with our creativity today through these marketplaces like Envato. Congratulations on your success here so far! Keep the quality uploads coming and it will only grow!

Congrats friend. o7

Yes we are! It is amazing for sure,
Thank you for kind words.

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Thank you so much!