Finding a downloaded item is basically impossible

I have a big problem: I download a lot of videos and music for my youtube projects.
Well, in case I have to add a license to a downloaded music, it is basically impossible to find it it in the downloaded items.
There is no way to search inside the downloaded items!
If I search in the global search, for example a music named “energetic-2023-06-12-13-19-02-utc”, I retrieve items that have nothing to do with what I’m looking for!
So I’m basically not monetizing a lot of videos simply because I’m not able to retrieve them in my downloads and add the appropriate license.

Also, not strictly related to this issue but same importance, there is no any tag to identify an item as already downloaded.
So for example there is no way to know whether or not a particular music or video was already downloaded.
It requires three lines of code to implement.

So: provided the name of a downloaded music, how can I retrieve it in order to add the right license?
Do I have to scroll over hundreds of pages to find it manually?