Feature Request to the Market (Review system)


I recently encountered a strange customer issue. They requested a refund, which I declined following market refund policy. And the customer started to write a NEGATIVE FAKE REVIEW and submitted another refund request to pressure me. The main issue is that the fake review is displayed directly on the public item page until I contacted the marketplace author support team to have it removed. It takes always 2 days to receive a response from the author support team, during which time the fake review remains on the item page, and authors lose potential purchasers for at least 2 days. (This is lot for us)

As authors, we require some moderation options for reviews, or alternatively, the marketplace could implement a delay (few days) in displaying item reviews on the item page. I believe reviews don’t necessarily need to be shown instantly.

Could you please consider on this, Envato @BenLeong @KingDog ?

I have attached screenshots. Also, this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this situation.

Thank you.

1. First request

2. Fake review

3. Forces again


Contact the Envato support and provide the screenshot for the removal of the comment. Keep the ticket email, in case, they may post the review again.

Beside that, there’s nothing you can do but write a proper answer to the “review” details .


Post a reply of the review and explain why the review is not a honest review. It will help you to remove your new customer’s doubt.


Good suggestions so far. The review will get remove but it does have to go through the Support team and they will typically get to it as quickly as possible.


Thank you for the response.

As I suggested, could you please present it to the Envato team?

My personal opinion:
As an author or seller I think it’s a not a good idea. no marketplace or review website do this. many websites has Comments review system to get approve the comment but for review/rating it’s always instant.

I don’t think it’s gonna happen…

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You may have misunderstood. I was referring to implementing a time delay to publicly display reviews on the item page.

I think I missed the point, what would it make any difference to get the reviews today or tomorrow?