Feature Request: Search by Keyword Within a Chosen Author's Portfolio - Envato Elements

Would love to see a way to refine a search within an author’s portfolio. If I find a video that I think is right, but want to see if it was shot from different angles, different length, etc. I have only the choice of searching all authors with my given keyword, or looking at the author of the clip I like’s portfolio, which might contain 3,000 videos. To search through all of those videos would be a waste of time, so it’d be great to have a tool within an author’s portfolio that you could refine just down to their videos (photos etc).

I’ve tried including their name in a search, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I posted to the forum to see if anyone had suggestions, but it doesn’t seem like any had a solution.

Would love to see this functionality added.

Also would love a “more videos with this model” search created!



Hi @CatFaceAudio - thanks for the suggestion! Our Elements team are currently looking at the best way of implementing this on the site, working with our UX designers.

As the Elements subscription has grown to encompass item types like stock photography and video, some of the authors have very large portfolios - so as you’ve noted, it can become very difficult to search for specific items within those portfolios.

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Awesome!!! Thanks BenLeong!!!


Hi Ben

Has there been any progress on this? It would be my best feature yet

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I would love to see this feature included as there are some contributors whose style is more suited to various clients and to be able to search more speedily through all their work would be a MASSIVE advantage.

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Hello Ben. I really need this feature on Elements. I hope it comes soon.

Any progress on this? Could really use this feature.


I could really use this feature.

This feature is really kind of essential and should be available. Big bummer that I can’t search through individual authors’ assets.