Feature request: 2x and 3x icons and images on Envato marketplace

I usually browse Envato marketplace from my iPad Pro and I have reason to believe that at least a good portion of our customers does.

Envato marketplace asks us to upload 80x80 icons for our items and those icons get blurry when on retina display. Same happens for profile banner and profile picture.

Is Envato planning to add 2x and 3x icons anytime soon? @Envato

To mods: yes, I know, I could send this as feedback in a ticket. I want to see if there’s any support from other authors to this request first, though.

To all readers: is this something that you would like, too?

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Personally I’ve never had any issues, though I’ve only ever used the site from a desktop and sometimes rarely a smart phone.

They do seem to slowly be phasing out icons though, as they now only ever appear on your portfolio pages, whereas on the home page and search results you see a cropped preview of the items preview image. I’m guessing one day this will be the same across all pages, including the portfolio.

This issue applies to all images on Envato marketplace, not just the icons. Maybe I did not explain myself well, sorry!