Essential Web Design blogs to follow

Hey all,

I know there’s a bunch of web designers here, so I’m going to try and give everybody who is interested in webdesign a bit of a good thing. Actually, I’d love to get your feedback about it.

We all know that to keep yourself updated, in your skillsets and trends, you need to follow the latest influencers in webdesign.

Now, doing that is not very very easy - so what I do is I follow the essential web design blogs via their RSS feed.

I’ve been making a whole list of these blogs, and now that I’ve built up the list of ideal blogs to follow I’d like to share my list with you. I’ve compiled it as a file which you can just import into Feedly or your favourite feed reader.

Web Design blogs OPML File

What do you think of the list?

I’ve also created an article related to it, but I’d rather not share it unless people ask for it - because I don’t want to be seen as spamming!

Hope this helps!