EPS 10 version

Can I know that is it necessary to include an EPS 10 version? I’m using the cc version of Illustrator. I get an error which isn’t possible to edit text when I save eps 10.

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you can add both EPS 10 & EPS CS

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hi , yes indeed, normally, as for i know, this is still necessary to add it … i have never really understood the purpose of this (especially for such a limited number of people) but this was until recently still required

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Thank you for the replies of both of you. But the issue is the eps file saved as the 10 version and then after opening that file, the texts are separated from each other. Haven’t this happened to any of you before? :thinking: I am using the Illustrator cc version. :slightly_smiling_face:

it’s alright if you put both CS and EPS 10 versions. I usually put both EPS CS and EPS 8. I use Illustrator CC to, so I get the same problem, dont worry

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i heard about it several times, and it seems that this due to the fact that u do not have a “compatible” version but that it may not be a problem for people who do (if they really still exist lol)