Envato should not be allowing authors to say 'compatible with elemento' if it cant run the demo data

It seem that some authors are cheating by putting ‘compatible with elementor’ on their advertised themes. The clever question in comments for a lot of these themes buy envato customers is ‘can i use the demo data with elementor’?

This generally leads onto the answer of “no, the demo data was built with a potato, you can only create new pages”. What is the point of telling people a theme comes with elementor when it cant be used except for building from blank pages. if people wanted to build from blank pages, there would be no need for the theme.

This is clearly a trick for authors to sell dusty old themes that they cannot be bothered updating to elementor and TRICK customers into buying themes that are obsolete.

Envato is complicit in these instances of ‘tricking customers’ if it is not stamped out immediately.

Again, to say that a theme is compatible with Elementor when it is not is misleading and therefore fraudulent. Sellers should be banned from using Elementor logos/branding for builders that were not used to build the demo unless it is truly compatible and there are different version of the FULL THEME available.

Please can a moderator have a look at this and give us all some feedback

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