Envato market needs to add more payment processor for transaction



Envato market should need to add more payment processor option for a transaction. There are only 2 methods available 1. PAYPAL & 2. Envato Credit.

Paypal takes $2 handling fees which are too high, and another option is Envato Credit, there people can add money respect of 10.

So basically if my theme price is 21 then I need I add money of 30$. Which is totally unfair. :unamused: what I have to do with this extra ammont? My extra balance remains on my account, but I don’t want to purchase anything. This Balance forces us to buy extra support cause balance can’t be withdrawable.

Another Bad option is many people don’t have credit cards and those people can’t be able to buy the product because of limited payment processor available.
Even i face this problem few month ago. when i come to buy a template for my blog(ShareTrick) there show only two option. i have debit card and my paypal don’t link my debit card i’cant make purchase from my bank account. i felt a big trouble. then look on skrill option and see deposit option for purchasing and their limitation. i need to purchase a product $21 but i have to money $30 for that.:fearful::fearful:
This is wrong, envanto must also offer their customer to get diposit any ammnount ,whatever they want to need for purchase.

My request is please add PAYZA, Perfect Money Payment processor also and if possible arrange purchase through bank facilities

So if you guys face problem like me on purchasing anything at Envato market, then support me and tell Envato market team to update their payment processor system.