Envato Elements not have images in Presentation Templates

I have downloaded many sets of Presentations and they all do not have images inside. The size of ppt and pptx files is very small (less than 1MB) and they only contain text and colors. Meanwhile, backgrounds and illustrations do not make the demo look very bad. I could not use them.

Please tell me how to download the Presentations properly with the template shown on Envato?

A few sample examples:


In customer download:

Preview images are not included

If you check your 2nd link item you will see in that page:
Image used : All photographs or pictures used in the preview are not included, they are intended for illustration purpose only.

So, you have to set your own images in the Presentation Templates.


This is absolutely ridiculous. The fact that you can’t incorporate (or specify that content creators on your site) use commercial use free images as place holders is insane.

I now download these barebones, framework presentations and have to hunt for the content creators vision as to where images should go. Cancelling membership.