Envato Elements Music licence use for Instagram Reels?


Just got a quick question please about Instagram Reels and usage of Envato licensed music.

Can Envato Elements licensed music be uploaded as part of a video to Instagram Reels considering what Instagram says below - especially about someone else using your original audio which in this case would an Envato piece of music?

"What audio can I use in my reel on Instagram?
You can use the Audio tool to add music from the Instagram music library.

You can also record a reel with your own original audio. Original audio should be unique audio that you created. If you upload someone else’s music as original audio, we may change the description to the artist’s username and song. When you post a reel with your original audio, it will display your username.

Keep in mind, when you post a reel on a public account, anyone on Instagram can record a reel using your original audio. If your account is set to private, no one will be able to record a reel using your original audio."


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Since one of the “features” of the public Reels account is the ability of other users to use the audio you upload, that would seem to preclude the use of any licensed music from any source on a public account. Making licensed music available to 3rd party users is generally in violation of any music licensing agreement.

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Thanks. I figured that might be the case. Thanks for clarifying.

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