Envato Customer Care

Extremely disappointed with Envato’s customer care. I purchased two items. The first one I asked for a refund, and there has been no response after about a month. This is ridiculous.
The second one has a problem, so I issued a ticket. I received an automatic response, saying that they received my request and will get back to me in 3 business days. I issued the ticket on Thursday and today is Tuesday. No response yet. I am doing business and time is gold. This doesn’t make any sense that there is no option for a live chat. Is Envato team focused on earning revenue ONLY? Customer is always right???

On the first point - that sounds odd, are you sure a reply didn’t get spammed.

On the second point - any issue with a product is something you need to talk to the author about not envato.

The 3 day thing is most likely an auto reply and only an estimate rather than a guarantee, as official support will most likely not be able to answer your query.

This is a big reason for not having live chat - envato do not own or develop items sold here so their ability to answer a big % of questions is highly limited.