Envato API get /buyer/purchase not working?

Hello All,

I used API in my code but it seems “get /buyer/purchase” not working…
Also I used “get /buyer/download” and ir work as well

is there any problem here?

Simply saying “it does not work” is not going to get you an answer.

You have to tell which code the API returns, any other debugging errors, etc.

Yes you’re right!

it return some scrambled chars same as below before using json_decode
means : $json = curl_exec($curl);
�M�A 1�᫄�U]��k)m�aƦ&�����ro�����*� �=Oo��� 2H��t��X)e��ex�+�,�����e��c�ug�pv�K�X���2�����oܡ��t+R ��x�������

and return NULL after using json_decode
means : $response = json_decode($json);

I’m sure my codes are correct because I can receive download link of product with same code

looks like a charset issue.

would you mind sharing whole page? (not code, page)


curl_setopt($yourhandle, CURLOPT_ACCEPT_ENCODING, “”);

not working …
Also I added curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_ENCODING, ""); but still no success!

no one can help ?

I used this git for my codes