Envato Affiliate Program Apply

Hi everyone,
I want to apply for Envato Affiliate Program. I want to know, am I have to Sign Up for a new account for Envato Affiliate or the ThemeForest account will be the same user & password for creating Envato Affiliate account?

I mean, I have an user account on Envato [ThemeForest]. What can I do to apply Envato Affiliate Program?

Do I need to Log In with my ThemeForest account or I have to Sign Up for Envato Affiliate Program with the details they need?

Please let me know this information.

Kind regards

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You can check this thread about start envato market affiliate

I just need to know, Do I need to Sign Up for an Envato Affiliate account with a new username & password? Or am I able to Log In with the existing Envato ThemeForest account info for Envato Affiliate?

did you apply for envato affiliate ?
and what was the status about your application approved or reject ?

It’s been 5 days since I have applied for Envato Affiliate. But I don’t get any approve or rejection message. How long does it takes to give a feedback about approve or rejection?