EFOR Update plugins - where is licence number?

I have purchased the Themeforest EFOR template and would like to know if the JetElements for Elementor and JetPopup are included in the licence.

I am trying to update these two plugins but they require a licence number which is NOT the theme purchase licence number.

Envato customer service told me the 2 plug ins are included in the bundle and I need not worry as they will be automatically updated when the theme is updated.

This seems to be creating a problem to my website as I keep getting emails telling me there is a technical issue and my site is put down.
Please help!

Thank you

You need to understand the way bundled plugins work -

You get access to these included in the theme but you are not getting your own license for them. This means that:

  1. you can’t ‘activate’ them to get extended features like auto updates. Any update that is released is the responsibility of the theme author to make available.

  2. some functionality may be customised/limited/extended depending on how the author has chosen to manage it