Earnings Report discussion (February 2023)

I’m unsatisfied since their decision to eliminate the bonus. no bonus + arbitrary rejections + double taxation (not their fault, but still) make things truly demotivating for some of us


I have to agree with each and every word @devotchkah said. Thank you for saying it.

“I’m unsatisfied since their decision to eliminate the bonus. no bonus + arbitrary rejections + double taxation (not their fault, but still) make things truly demotivating for some of us”


Disaster earnings so far this month. Incredibly low! :-1:


Do you guys think that Artificial Intelligence has something with it? About selling or earning less and less?
On a long run, like not so long, but until end of 2023, what do you think?

Just asking, I’m not sure about it or being ironic.

My licenses are going up (due to the Top Licensed Items in Insights graph) but my earnings are going slightly down. That would not be a huge problem if my earnings on Envato Market were going down to the level of 2010.


Not yet. Currently, artificial intelligence correlated with graphic design (e.g. Midjourney, Stable diffusion, Openjourney, Dall-E, etc.) are models that can create illustrations, modify photos and make suggestions (for example, you can ask for a logo design but ultimately it still requires graphic designer intervention to make it a full-fledged logo).

Currently, stock markets such as Adobe Stock, Dreamstime, Alamy are most at risk…

I sent an inquiry to about 50 (yes, fifty) stock markets about whether they accept AI-created artwork - only three of them responded positively (Adobe Stock, Alamy and Dreamstime), all the others said they currently don’t accept AI-created artwork - plus Shutterstock launched its own model for creating AI graphics.

Markets like Envato are currently not threatened by AI.

By the end of 2023, the threat to Envato stores is, in my opinion, 35% (not high).

In the further future (2024 - 2025 and beyond) the risk is 80 - 85% because it is only a matter of time that an AI model will be created that will be able not only to create an illustration, but also to organize it into a normal source file with layers - for example, a page design in PSD and then additionally code it and implement it online.

If someone insists, it is possible today, but it requires a lot of effort - I am talking about an future AI model that will be able to do it all in a few seconds and the only thing you will have to do is ask for it.


A real human graphic designer will be needed for a few more years, but at the end of this road both graphic designers and programmers will be eliminated (as well as hundreds of thousands of other professions) - all because of AI.

Profession of the future:

I like you, I’m one of you so I’ll give you a hint → the profession of the future (one of many) will certainly be prompt engineering - in other words → learn to “talk” to AI and manage it because it will be a sought after skill → it is already in demand and it’s paid $200,000 a year.

Peace :slight_smile:


I haven’t been on these forums since last year. Are they a wasteland now? What the heck happened to the Element sales in February?? An absolute insane drop. Unbelievable really. Like only 20% earnings from previous months.

Yeah. Last couple of months have been a bit better, earnings were going up, but this month :-1:


i would like to add my opinion about Ai art they are only suitable for abstract art and creepy designs so there is no threat to designers because human mind can never be replaced by an Ai, i am an animator and there are lot of tools who creates animations still they are not able to replace what we do so AI ? AI is nothing just a way to create creepy painting and abstract designs which is not very useful unless you have a subscription plan and like to play with download buttons yes it will flood the marketplace and there is a high chance your files will be hidden and receive less downloads but for replacement i don’t think it is going to happen ever .

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I wish you are right but I’m sure you are terribly wrong. I don’t want to spam this topic with AI.

I was thinking of starting a new thread about AI in the forum but I am not sure about this. A thread like this would quickly become a factory for depressed people. My advice is that you change your approach because a firm denial won’t help you.


i will say that again there are lot of media hype about ai will replace this and that again i am running an animation production company, there is nothing ai can do that will replace any creatives whether a graphic designer, illustrator or an animator, yes there is a downfall in income due to some revenue models and growth in competition but not by an AI. you may disagree but that’s totally your own opinion about AI. it suits only on youtube to get views by creating videos like " AI will destroy this career bla bla " trust me Ai can have bugs but human cannot ! :joy: and i am also graduated as computer science engineer so i am just saying from my experience.
have a good day ! advice to other creators don’t get scared be the master of your own field.

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:slight_smile: I wish you will never be replaced by AI.

We will talk again in next 2 years and I hope (I really do) I will tell you: " You were right" :slight_smile:


definitely! i also wish each and every creator doing hard work will never see a day where their is no job or work in the creative field :blush:

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As we speak… chat GPT - 4 is out live today, available for everyone via plus subscription (20 usd/month).

AI world is like Bugatti - it’s fast :slight_smile:

as we know chat GPT 3 and 3.5 actually was good enough to gain 100 mln users in few weeks, make codes, take copywriters works, pass MIT and a lot of other tests (including advanced medical students test) and so on (list is very long, I mean - very looooooooong list).

quoting people’s first impressions of today →

“GPT-4 Makes Old ChatGPT Look Like a JOKE!”

Remember → remember that the first GPT was released to the public just few months ago - The AI is just warming up

Remember my post from yesterday? About AI making website etc…

let me quote official GPT 4 demo presentation:

“It can convert a drawing on a napkin into a functional website”

I will leave this picture here - without any further excitements (I am excited!) - last GPT 3.5 made whole world crazy…

now watch this :smiley:

I feel like I should correct my predictions … by cutting them in half now :slight_smile:


Great comment, serious content and important to help to put everyone on the same page. I am trying to keep up with everything happening in the AI field and it is really impressive the awareness and the adoption of those tools. If it is like that now, I can’t imagine to compound power of it in 6 months.

I hope we can keep this makretplace up and running. Let’s discuss more and more, this is important.


This is the biggest revolution in the world history. This GPT 4 today is the milestone in this revolution - so basically now in this moment you are witness of the historical moment. Literally.


Earnings keep falling and falling and falling every day this month :roll_eyes:

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Yes I think… Elements promotions, High competition, global economic problems and I think Ai also has a responsibility on this

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I’ve never seen such low earnings like this month🙄


I think they are kidding us with these low incomes. On April 1, they will call it a joke and fix it. I want to believe that!!!

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