Drupal 8 Theme Developer

Hello I am a new Drupal 8 Theme developer I am seeking for a partner who makes HTMLtheme and looking for Drupal 8 theme developer.

Contact: engnyy@gmail.com

You can check my portfolio and if you’d like any of the item, we can talk about the details for partnership

Hello your art is beatiful. I admired all of your art-work and themes. I could turn into Drupal 8 any of your theme if you want from me . I am too much willingly to be a partner of you. thanks :slight_smile:
But there is no portfolio of mine. Only 2 Drupal 8 site I could send you they all based on bootstrap but not qualified as your sites.

Please, contact me via PM

Hello my skype is engn_y I added you but you didn’t replied.