Dropdown Menu

I got a soft reject because the dropdown menu is not styled, which is not part of my theme, but by default it should be styled. I’m wondering to what level of nesting should the menu be styled in a theme ?

My simple menu in theme:

Can you share reviewer’s comment about dropdown menu? I think he meant about frontend styling.

Comment Reviewer’s:

  1. The default install looks broken / unfinished: Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 13.17.14.png • Droplr Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 13.17.38.png • Droplr and more.

The screenshots show that there is nesting in the menu. But my theme doesn’t require menu nesting.
My menu looks like this:

If your menu allows only one level of navigation, you need to set this restriction in the code. However, allowing only one navigation level for your main menu is a very bad idea IMHO. It is ok for the footer menu of course.

'depth' => 1,

got it, thank you!