Dribbble Invitation Needed

Is there any body who can kindly invite me to dribbble ?
I really appreciate that.

hi buddy , i understand that u maybe trying to use dribbble to promote however i feel like that your priority should be to develop your Gr portfolio … as u are certainly not ignoring the system of invitation is a way for dribble to make sure that they have kind of high level designer to join and most of the time when people have some invites they will also try to carefully choose the people to whom they give one and most of the time this is easier to get one when u have a large portfolio of good items , especially as , let’s face it a lot of guys would like to be given one …

by the way special thanks @ManuDesign for providing me with an invite a while ago, this meant much to me and i am very grateful :slight_smile:

:smiley: deserve it Nico!

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thanks Manu , happy to receive it but even more from a good guy like u and a great designer too :slight_smile:

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If you have talent and good portfolio - [designers] Dribble invite giveaway!!!

Hi . I am looking for a dribble invite. here is my profile https://dribbble.com/TheWebcreative