Drastic changes in Elements Graphics review process

Limitations, while files sold for cents. Get real.


Yeah, me to

This week I uploaded 3 items in elements and all were rejected, but the 3 items were accepted by graphicriver and even trending.


I think they are maintaining their database, some authors have 10000 or even 20,000 items… I think they concern the database saturation and we cant reply back so they can reject a fixed number of items per month no matter how quality it is… we dont know the back stage

Yes, this makes more sense…
They may have a database limit each month,

But I’m afraid that many writers are starting to get frustrated, and what is the best solution @BenLeong because now any work cannot be measured by its quality and uniqueness, many writers are confused about what Elements is now looking for…

Everything is unpredictable, it could be that your simple work will be accepted by the review team, rather than your quality work… This is very funny and strange.

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Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon and some clarification as to why this is happening,

I think this will frustrate many writers until they are killed one by one, and choose markets that have more potential with their work.