Drastic changes in Elements Graphics review process

You’re not alone in this situation. There was a global change in reviewers being rolled out to the marketplace, with the same outcome taking result. At least for me the approvals sank greatly ever since, in categories that I’ve been consistently publishing to for years. What’s worse is there’s no one to contact who will get back to you with an actual response.

Today’s rejection

Coming from the main page, i see many items that wouldn’t pass my own quality standards (splotchy global illumination artifacts in the background - extreme grain in the shadows - low-sampling renders - grey over-exposed regions - improperly formatted titles) and it’s very puzzling!

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Today I’ve received this notification after submitting a new product:

“Thank you for your submission. Max upload size is 1GB for Graphics, please reduce the file size before resubmitting.”

As far as I was aware the maximum upload size was change to 3GB as stipulated in the contributor guidelines?

The Elements review process is so inconsistently frustrating.


After contacting the support team about this the issue has been resolved. They confirmed that the upload limit is indeed 3GB and the product has been published. :+1:

And even more rejections from GR:

Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 19-05-40 abdelrahman_masry707@yahoo.com - Yahoo Mail

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Yes, that’s exactly the problem - global change of reviewers!!
They fired all the old reviewers (which were from all over the world), and hired new ones from 1 single country only.
Some of the new ones have completely different tastes than the former reviewers, therefore the numerous rejections many people are facing.
Now, all is reduced to the reviewer’s taste, it’s not a matter of quality anymore. If a reviewer hates your style, she/he will reject everything you upload, no chance whatsoever to have something approved by that person.


I think they’re curating instead of reviewing new items. In the product mockups display category, during the month of May, there has only been 1 approval in total during the whole month. Can you imagine a buyer checking for new designs and there hasn’t been anything new for a month!


I upload on videohive and noticed this year that 90-95% of my items are now rejected.
Completely ridiculous

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this is very confusing, for a while my items got approve and it shows it published item, then an 1 hour i check again, it remove becom in rejected items, please tell me what is goin on here ?
This is kind a weird for reviews from here

About the rejection that is not clear is still a mystery,

Many authors are confused by this problem, hopefully this will pass quickly.

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@Minkki Yes it’s true it’s not about quality anymore but about the taste of the review team,

I think there’s a major change about to happen. Things seem a bit chaotic at the moment, and it could be a reflection of inside changes in motion. Nobody has come out to confirm any of this. There are multiple suggestions that the future is all monthly subscription service and it’s a scary thought.

Maybe they just hired 5 companies to do this stuff and they do not need any reviewers at all from now. Did you hear that they cutting ee bonus. They are on their own from now, they do not need authors anymore.


is it normal that in graphic templates category my item is sitting in review since may 30?

…my items too! …in the same category… :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

Same here. Still waiting since 1st of june.

Similar situation. Waited for 10 days then my item (which i had spent almost a week making) showed up in the rejection panel. No feedback.

Has someone had figure out what is wrong with the new uploads?
Does someone having a lot of rejections improved something and now is getting accepted?
I still don’t know what am i doing wrong because i still get hard rejections on everything (graphic templates), and it’s not about quality because i can see some of the things accepted that are the same or even lower quality. So i really don’t know what it is but i’m sure is something related to the upload process.


Similar situation :smiling_face_with_tear:


Bumping this thread as it is still relevant today. This problem has never been fixed. Consistent quality, inconsistent results.