Downloading of software

I am getting an error message after downloading the Universal Sport Trading Card that I purchased. Near the completion of the downloading, an error message pops up and states: "Windows Photo Viewer can’t open this picture because either Photo Viewer doesn’t support this file format or, you don’t have the latest updates to Photo Viewer. I have Windows 10 so I’m not sure why it won’t fully upload, Can you help me? Thanks

Looks like that is a Photoshop item. Do you have Photoshop (or a free alternative that can open PSD files, such as Gimp?)


No, I do not have Photoshop…but based on your recommendation of a free alternative…I will try out Gimp.

Thank you very much for the prompt reply to my query. Have a nice evening Bailey!!

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I downloaded Gimp and that doesn’t work either. Guess I will have to download/purchase PhotoShop. Thanks for your help.

What is the extension of the file you’re trying to open? .psd?