Does Envato’s reviewer have a spell checker? Or is it to push the presentation authors out of the ma

What does that mean? Does Envato’s reviewer have a spell checker? Or is it to push the presentation authors out of the market? I got this notice. What a joke is it? If I wanted to write like this then what will happen? Please someone give me an advice?:sweat_smile:

Hi @SimpleSmart,

The reviewer is asking to format your item Title and you should provide it with correct title format. It is basically for seo.

  • Format your title in Title Case - Capitalize the first and last words, all principal words and any words longer than 3 letters.

@mgscoder Thanks for your reply. I understood well what the reviewer said of course. Also, I know the format of the title. But in my opinion, it is ridiculous for the reviewer to respond in this manner after many days of checking. On the one hand, it may be related to SEO, but even after a thorough examination, it is not a particularly significant or impactful issue. Envato Elements offers thousands of templates with titles like these. I’ve begun capitalizing names as well.

I really want to see the policy about “Format Title”. How can I find it?

Your title is the first thing a potential buyer sees, so it’s important to be informative, concise and professional. So, envato has rules for the item title:

Item Information and Metadata Requirements

So, If this is Envato’s rule, does that mean there are no other templates with this title?

It’s rear and you can find some but it is other authors problem. We should do what is best and maintain what is rules. As I mentioned the rules exist so that our item can get better SEO result. This rules is not only for Envato, it is for specially to get a better and professional title. and many sites and blog sites maintain this types of rules.

Yes. In this situation, I totally agree with you.

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Kind of ironic given the number of “Evanto” items that still crop up!

@charlie4282 Hi there, Could you elaborate a little?

Sorry, I just mean there are items filled with spelling mistakes including various ways of meaning to say Envato - these feel like ones to prioritise fixing over caps in titles.

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Its rare that some titles are misspelt, but then look at this forum and some of the topic titles and you then realise that spelling is not everyones cup of tea :wink:

It’s always in my opinion best to have nice looking titles:

Does Envato’s Reviewers Have A Spell Checker?
How To Push Presentation Authors out of the Market.

Out of interest - what was your item title?
I ask because you have failed to tell us that.

@123Simples I wrote my title like this “EXAMPLE - Business Template”. But I got this notice after many days of review. Actually, I couldn’t find any mistakes. Generally, I just wrote capitalize my template’s title and nothing else. May I ask what’s your suggestions?


If for example your title was as you said: “EXAMPLE - Business Template” then yes I can understand why it was an issue. Because I do not know what your theme/template was called, then I can only suggest some options which will not necessarily apply -

  1. Analog Agency Business Theme (PPTX Template)

  2. Node Portfolio Template for Presentations (KEY)

  3. Example Business Template Photography (note the keyphrase Photography) inasmuch a good descriptive title when people look or search, they will find your offerings at the top of the pile!

It’s a bit like SEO on website pages - there should be a optimal description of that page or content so when people search they find it above the numerous possible results given.

Having said all this, I think you don’t have a problem in selling items :wink: