Does a rejection automatically cancel other submissions?

I think I saw at one point that if one submitted item is rejected, they don’t look at any other items (with the mindset that if over item isn’t good enough you probably did the same thing wrong in all of them).

I can’t remember where I read this now so I don’t know if it’s still true or ever was. Is it true?

I’ve been submitting one item at a time because of it and I’d like to stop doing that if possible. The current cue time is about half a month and posting one at a time is much slower.

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No it’s not true,it’s every item for itself

hi no indeed, besides, even the hard rejected item can be reposted, as long as “u have brought significant changes” to it beforehand

Glad to hear I was wrong. Still can’t remember why I thought this was the case.

On a similar note, if I submit a couple items at the same time, do they tend to get approved/rejected about the same time too? Or is it common to have some go through much faster/slower than others?

4 items sent to the trash. quality standard, according to the referee’s pleasure.