Do you write for PMA members?


Surely there are composers who sell here who are also involved with PMA type libraries. No library names mentioned of course, but I’m curious about how this works out for you?

Did you start here and later joined the other side or did you not find success doing things that way, and started selling here or at other RF places?

I know there can be big money but it’s also kind of an exclusive club where not just anyone can join.

Appreciate any comments and forgive me if this thread is against forum rules. Just looking for general information from people who work in both worlds.



Hey Flumen, what does PMA stand for?


Production Music Association. Usually higher end libraries that pay upfront fees for your music (some do, some don’t). I meant PMA “type” libraries, so they don’t necessarily have to be a member. :grinning:


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this is interesting we learn new things here indeed


Most (if not all) PMA libraries would require you to be a P.R.O. member. So “technically” you should not being doing both. AJ doesn’t allow PRO music. But “hypothetically” speaking, I think some composer’s view the RF market as an extra stream of income to add to the PRO pie.


You are allowed to be a PRO member here, just not submit your PRO music. I can assure you, many of the top authors are PRO members.


new things here indeed always


I can assure you that the BMI contract says “all works” must be registered with them. So like I said, “technically” you are not allowed, but I also don’t think BMI is out looking for violators. Most of those guys use a pseudonym for their RF catalog, for that reason.


Well, there are more PROs than BMI in the world and some allow it. But I agree that it’s ridiculous both for Envato to not allow it, and for the PROs to demand all works…