Do You Need A Dancing Cow?

Or how about a dancing dog, cat, rat, bat, pigeon, sheep, dinosaur, antelope, astronaut, hedgehog, robot, banana, snowman, snail, pig, clown, sausage, duck, tiger, gorilla, reindeer, beaver, chili pepper wearing a sombrero, avocado, rooster, alien, Santa, unicorn, etc… Shall I go on? Yep, Envato has them! IT’S STUPID!!!

I am a Youtube content creator. I use Envato Elements primarily for motion graphics. Let’s say I’m creating an ambient video of a fireplace, but want a sleeping cat to put in front of it. Why do I have to sift through 39 pages of dancing cats to find what I’m looking for. By the way, no sleeping cats, but if I want it to dance in front of the fireplace, Envato has it!

Envato Elements is oversaturated with dancing everything! How about adding a search parameter that will allow us to exclude the word “dancing” in our search results so we can actually find what we need? So frustrating! I know I cannot be the only one.

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