Do I need to purchase a premium subscription from ThemePunch to update Revolution Slider from v4 to to v5?


I purchased the Automotive theme about a year ago, and it came with v4 of Revolution Slider. Now I want to update it to v5 but I can’t figure out how. Do I need to purchase the subscription from ThemePunch to update?


When plugins are bundled with themes then it is the author of the theme’s responsibility to update the plugin version.

Ask the auhtor but it may just be a question of downloading the latest version of the theme and the new slider will be included


Oh ok. I just bought the theme, not realizing how all this Envato stuff works. I am realizing that I stumbled into a something much more than a “premium theme”… I’m still trying to figure out exactly how it is all connected though.


If you have specific queries visit the item page and above the main image will be a ‘support’ tab which will tell you how you can reach the author if you have issues and are still within the support period.

Good luck