Do I can use License MT for sell themes HTML?

Hi to all:

I want make my themes HTML for sell but I don’t am programmer but I’m worry for submit my themes if rejected my sell themes, please help me, thanks.

Happy Year New 2016 :smiley:

If you are worried if they will be accepted then share a link to your demo here and people can give you feedback.

If you are worried that a reviewer might reject your file then try and sell it - this would NEVER happen.

Aside from the fact a reviewer would never do something like this - if the file is rejected then no one can sell it.

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I understand thanks.

Sorry, I forgot write.

Do I can use license MT javascript for sell TF?

I want 3D sildershow for make my html:


Yes but you should credit the tutorial in item description and make sure you have fallbacks etc. In place on any of these which use more experimental or special codes

Many thanksss. Regards.