Discovering the stock music market got JonnyMakesJazz back into composing

JonnyMakesJazz shares his journey from becoming an aspiring composer for TV, giving up music, then picking it up again after discovering the stock music market.

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Thanks for sharing this with our community. I like @JonnyBoyleMusic music. I wish him all the best! :slight_smile:

You can’t beat a bit of Nigella.

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Haha, got a surprise this morning! Thanks for the article. And can I stress that the guy in the picture above is not me, he’s not nearly good looking enough!

Indeed. A highlight of getting on nigella was that one of the clips was shown on my wife and I’s favourite show 'gogglebox ’ and they commented on the 'sexy Jazz music’:smile:


As a guitar teacher and gypsy jazz enthusiast (and a father…) I enjoyed reading this. You’ve got a great portfolio and a really tidy living room :wink:

Damn fine music Jonny, love the article!

thanks! And yes, it’s always good to keep the sunglasses handy as everything is so white and shiny!:sunglasses:

thanks Robert

congratulations , great story )))

:sparkles: Great story & Amazing Portfolio, Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Great music, Jonny! I’ll be looking for you long time. I was surprised to read that you like me teacher at first. I also have 2 little kids that taking much our time. But family - first! Wish you good luck and inspiration for teaching, learning and composing!

It was great to read this @JonnyMakesJazz! Gives me hope as a father that it’s possible to write and compose for AudioJungle when kids grow up little bit. Impressive portfolio and great talent you have! Best to you and your family!

Yes @MusicMode so difficult when they’re little, but now 9am to 3 is bliss!

Thanks @GoodMusicMood

Thanks @ArashDarehshouri

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Thank you @WildLion_Production

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Sincere and heartfelt…

Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you, this is a very good story! Good luck!

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Well done! Can only play in the same style and make money)

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