Disabling translation on Envato Elements.

I’m French so the Envato website is automatically translated in French when I browse it.
Problem: the translation is honestly terrible. I’m used to using english for my editing work, I watch english how tos and all of the pieces of software I use are in english.
BUT, there’s no way to disable the translation and have the website in it’s original language, english. (at least I haven’t found it).
SO, could you give the users the choice of the language they wanna browse the website with ?

Thank you very much to the Envato team, love your website. This would be very helpful if you could fix this.

Hi Léo,

You can select the language of the website at the bottom of the page footer.

Indeed the French translation is atrocious, though it did improve a bit.

Man I’m so sorry, I looked for a language button for so long, I don’t know how I did not find it…
Thank you so much for a super fast answer ! :slight_smile:

Have a good day !

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You rock! Thank you sooooooo much!