Determining Used & Unused Licenses for Same Theme


I have purchased the same theme many, many times - for a unique license for every website it was purchased for. In the time since these purchases, some of the websites have since been deactivated, some are still up.

My problem is I have no way of knowing which licenses now are being used and which are not. So if I wanted to use the theme with one of the unused licenses, I couldn’t determine which license is free/available.

Is there any way of determining or getting clarity on the used or unused status of a licensed theme from Themeforest?

Complicating matters: the theme author’s support site wont let me register for support. It says my username/email are already used, but when I try to get a passwords reset email it never arrives. Additionally, I emailed Envato directly about this, they responded by asking me to provide a list of domain names associated with the license to help me figure this out, and they haven’t responded since I provided that list. I replied in the ticket several times begging for a response but they will not respond. I’m lost on what to do now, so hoping this forum post might help - it’s really the last option I can think of to salvage this.


If the item has been used before, you cannot use the same purchase code for another project. You will need to get a new copy if there’s a new project that you need to use.