Demo Url

I am a new to themeforest and i want to upload my wordpress website but they asked for demo url , i don’t know how can i get it or from , can anyone help me .

The demo url is your WordPress website which you want to upload, it’s the demo website you see when you click on the live preview button on any themeforest item.
You need to upload it to a public hosting.

How can i upload it to a public hosting? Do you have any video that explain ?

Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t know how to create a demo website and/or use public hosting, you shouldn’t be creating a WordPress theme. It’s lesson 101.

I’m pretty sure you’d get rejection anyway and it’s probably someone else work

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Edit: @ki-themes beat me to it

Same comments :slight_smile:

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I have already made over than 10 wordpress websites but never worked with themeforest , i make webiste through my hosting but never created a demo url of any website ,

No offense, again, I can cook but it doesn’t mean that I’m a good cooker.
As knowing that ThemeForest has high quality standards, I have doubts that you’d get approval but refer the documentation:

There’re more related to WordPress themes/plugin, you can check