Deleting bad reviews from themes is false advertising! Shame on envato!

So I have bought a theme on themeforest, my experience was awful (terrible support, theme is full of bugs, with every update the website breaks, etc).

So after literal months of work put into this theme, I decided to leave a very truthful one star review on the theme. I also saw a few others one star reviews calling the same problems (bugs, terrible support, etc)…

Funny enough I checked it today to see if I had any feedback, and my review was deleted along with a few others (all one star reviews). Deleting low stars feedback that show how bad a product is shows nothing but irresponsibility and desinterest towards your costumers.

If you think it was wrong to be deleted and want more clarity, then you should talk to support (bear in mind that only they can remove reviews and not the author). Envato Market Help and Support

Unfortunately there’s no way of anyone in these forums being able to fairly judge the individual circumstances.

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