Delete files/folder in web-template

Hi all
Do I need to delete some files (besides html which I don’t use and images) in web templates? I mean there are a lot of javaScript files and plugin folder with a lot of javaScript files.


If you are talking about HTML templates, then some of the documentation will explain what file references can be left out when creating your final website.

INDEX.html might have a JS reference to a slider js file. You might use the slider on the homepage, but then often authors will keep the same js reference file on about.html, or contact.html files. In that case those pages will not need the slider javascript, so you could safely remove those references in the specific html file.

If this is a wordpress theme, then this might be different.

Bear in mind when authors create themes they are making sure every possibility is covered by arbitrarily referencing other files (JS and Plugins) that might be needed.

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You’re welcome - hope it helps and welcome to the community :wink: