Dallas TV Series Titles Opener Intro Template

Does anybody know if there’s a Dallas template that exists on here and if not can somebody please make one? If you do I’ll definitely purchase it.

Dallas TV title:

Unfortunately, it would be too simple to get approved on the site if somebody were to make it. There are masses of slideshow templates on VideoHive, so the quality benchmark is pretty high when it comes to acceptance. And there would probably be issues with copyright as well.

However, I’m sure somebody would be happy to do this for you on a freelance basis. I can’t see it taking masses of work to replicate.

Thanks for the reply, I just need a replica version of this not the actual thing like the way the slideshow is setup. If somebody would do this on a freelance basis I would be happy and still offer to pay them whatever they want.

Iam ready to do it
lets discuss over my email

I have just sent you out an email for this project.