Cyber Monday 2018 - 5 days remaining!

Hey all!
Only 5 days to go of our massive Cyber Monday sale. Dedicated banners are NOW LIVE on Impact, go get them! You’ll find targeted banners for different audiences with relevant targeted messaging. (Web developers, graphic designer or video producer and sound engineers audiences)

Campaign dates:
End: Tuesday 27th November @8pm AEDT

Sneak preview of the awesome banner design:

To make it easier for your audience to browse Cyber Monday items, please drive traffic to the following URLs:

All offers:

All category pages:

Ensure you track all earnings on during Cyber Monday by using Sub ID tracking. This video will take you through how to do that. We recommend using ‘CM_2018’ as the ID.

Good luck!

Envato partnerships team


@emile_b Nice offer, Why there is no any joomla items?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can we join now? or too late?

It’s too late, you can try next time :slight_smile:

This campaign is no more. So, you can try for the next year. Thanks for your Interest