Creating Seamless Loops

Hi guys,

I purchased Izotope Ozone 9 last Black Friday. I’m mastering my tracks with it since then.
I really like the mastering assistant as a starting point.

But when i try to master a seamless loop that’s been exported from Daw (Ableton Live 10.1.25) Ozone creates a 5-10 ms gap at the beginning of the track. I couldn’t find a way to export seamless loops from Ozone 9.

Any help would be appreciated.

Save the preset to Ozone. Load the plugin on the main bus of the project and load the required preset. Even if your DAW cannot handle the playback load, you can still export the file. I would try like this.

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I would definitely try this. Hope It works.

My best guess is that the culprit is a linear phase EQ. Linear phase EQs always introduce some amount of latency (a necessary consequence of ensuring that phase relationships remain consistent).

Is this using Ozone as a standalone app?

I am running Ableton 10 with Ozone 8 on the master bus and I am able to export a loop (say 4 bars) and it exports exactly as it should.

Hope that helps…


I’m using it in the standalone mode.

Maybe it has something to do with the format, because let’s say mp3 just can’t loop since it contains silence in the beginning. The audio interface settings in the DAW and “outside” the DAW may be different, so standalone mode Ozone just function differently, or wrong device has been set for output, or the buffer is too big. Just my thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the response.
I know the problems with Looping Mp3. That’s not the case.

Buffer size is 64.

I’ve decided to use Audacity to correct the problems. It works.