ContentID Audiojungle annoying HTML banner issues

Can anyone please tell me if I’m the only one facing these false rejection reviews related to the Envato content ID banner HTML code?
it seems that it is not the first and not the second time I’m getting this false review about not having the code banner added correctly. Here is a screenshot of my track submission that has the correct banner (and the link set correct). The reviewer claims that "The Content ID banner is still not showing up in your description", I’ve been uploading music to Envato for the past ten years and have never seen those errors. Seems like some Bot of an automatic system. Does anyone get those false reviews, also?
If this is a bug, please fix those annoying automatic reviews.

Thank you.

The only thing I can imagine is that you uploaded new files (e.g. the main zip, new thumbnails, etc.) when submitting the new description for review. The reviewer also mentions this when they say “don’t attach the files again”.

For whatever reason, editing the description on existing items seems to be treated as a totally separate edit from uploading new files. The reviewer might not have seen both at once.

Try resubmitting with the new description only. If it won’t let you, add a newline to the description somewhere. Mention in the comments that the banner is in fact at the bottom of the text.

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The thing is that I can upload the exact way 30 items per month from my own “Text Note” template and never got those soft rejects before… I can get 28 uploads without any issues and for 2 of them, this annoying automatic review says that I don’t have the banner while I do have it.
P.S. I never upload new thumbnails.

The issue is with the quotation marks used in the Content ID html: the curly ones don’t make the banner appear in description.
The official AJ upload guide here should be updated ASAP because if authors copy this html code as suggested in the article
they will end up getting a soft rejection.


These are bad “ “
These work " "



Hey Luca, Thanks for the help. So, first of all, it would be great if Envato could edit and fix this “Copy & Paste” Code line on the guidelines page, and second, what if I can see the banner after this soft reject?

I’ll let someone know about the quotes, thank you!

I don’t think that’s the issue here though, because the banner shows correctly on the item page per @Adigold’s screenshot.

If it truly is an automated review (for some reason I doubt Envato’s technical capabilities to make such a thing) then it could also be that your URL wasn’t an exact match. I saw you post your HTML for a split second, I can’t see it anymore but I saw some sort of ?c=### argument at the end of the image URL which might make a robot angry :wink:

I also keep checking my description with (Envatitor v 1.5) website just to make sure that every link and image works fine…

It was because I’ve tried to upload my own banner and see if that would work and solve the issue, but them I decided to keep the original one.

Just for reference, the exact and correct code is as follows:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

You can try placing it at the top of your description in case the reviewer’s scroll bar is broken (I’m out of ideas! :rofl:)

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HAHAH :slight_smile: Thanks so much for the help here :slight_smile:

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If you can see it in Item Page then it’s correct, so now it shouldn’t be any problem when checked again.

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What I meant was that I can see the correct banner+link while not changing or editing anything in the description after getting the soft reject…something feels off…

I quickly checked that item, it had the curling quotation marks when it was soft rejected the first time and the banner wasn’t showing up. In its current state the quotation marks are the good ones and it’s showing up in description correctly.

I also tried with Envatitor and when I use the curling quotes it doesn’t work there either.

Hopefully the code in the article will get fixed so we’ll stop getting the wonky banners!


I went through this many times until a support person told me about the curly quotes. I would hope that they fixed the code on their own support website by now. It’s been many months, if not years.

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