Confusing Rejections as Usual

Could you please share your opinions on these because graphicriver vector inspectors never provide a proper explanation…

This file is accepted:

while these are rejected:

Can any inspector let me know what they expect? Do you expect original ink strokes to be “Bezier perfect?”
Why not provide an explanation? Why do you approve the simplest one (as seen above) and reject better ones? this just doesn’t make sense.

hi i personally prefer the rejected ones lol


This is indeed confusing, though the review process always seems to be that way.

They don’t give an exact reason for the rejection because they simply don’t have time. Though usually there’s a general pre-writen reason, such as “Not up to quality standards”. What was the reason they gave?

Were they hard rejected, or soft? They all look pretty good to me, and as you showed, they did accept one in the exact same style, so I really can’t give any explanation as to why all of the others would be rejected. Did you submit them all at the same time? Or at different times?


“Not up to quality standards” or something along those lines… and it was hard rejected…

That reason is ridiculous since in my opinion they approved the worst one…

I submitted them all at the same time but that shouldn’t cause the rejections I think…

yeah uu are right though this is also underlining something, that peopel are human and that they may have different background, experience, expectations, favorite styles and idea of what is marketable or not and this is having an impact on the way things are judged. It would take a real effort in analyzing what is making it and what is not so that some of the natural flaws in the system are no longer taking place but nowadays, optimizing the cost of any worker is the main issue and this is hardly comptible with this objective indeed

i would not say they “approved the worst one” but that they apprved the less attractive one , in this case … lol u think so, i do too, but once again reviewing is not easy and would require a coordination policy that takes time and thus that is costing money a bit