Confused by Ultimate Membership Pro and Ultimate Member


I’m really confused by the branding / naming convention of your program, Ultimate Membership Pro and Ultimate Member plugin.

Can you clarify? The latter is in the WordPress directory, but you guys cannot be found there.

Why should I buy your program and not the other, besides price?


I’ll tag in the author of that plugin @azzaroco

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UMP - Ultimate Membership Pro plugin is a membership system that manage subscriptions and restrict valuable content covering mostly everything in terms of a membership environment.
Ultimate Member is something different, more likely a members directory and is not provided via Envato eco-system.


I’ve built a membership with S2 Member, but the fields that comprise the member directory are not searchable. While there are two levels that restrict access to features, which every membership does, here are my questions:

  1. Are all fields of the directory searchable by the members?
  2. Can I use a different theme other than yours?
  3. Do you support 2Way Videochat plugin, or CometChat plugin?


Is there a way to allow Instant Posting? I use UMP to charge for Guest Posting.