Conflict with WPBakery and Edge CPT in Goodwish Theme

I am having a problem related to the Goodwish theme and two plugins.

After the last WP update, the WPBakery and the Edge CPT plugins no longer work together. Edge is a Edge Theme plugin and compatible with WPBakery.

Here is the problem:

When both plugins are activated, you cannot see the fonts in the page editor window. You have to use your mouse to highlight the text in order to see it. Sometimes the page won’t even load in the browser and just stay white.

When you deactivate the Edge CPT plugin you can see the WPBakery button and the fonts. However, the public-facing webpages now display HTML or CSS code and the top menu bar is duplicated.

When you deactivate WPBakery and leave Edge CPT activated, the code disappears from the webpages but now you can’t find your previously created WPBakery pages.

I have updated the WP version; the Goodwish theme, the WPBakery plugin; added Classic Editor plugin and disabled the Gutenberg editor, but nothing seems to fix the issue. I cannot find any information on the Edge CPT plugin online.

Both WPBakery and the Edge Interactive (Qode) support teams have been useless and provide terrible customer support.

Can anyone help find a solution??


Contact with your purchase item author @Edge-Themes hope they will helped!