Collection with Author section Empty


recently, I had created new collections for all my items but it’s not showing those items within the collections,

I also want to add all the items as like related items.


you have to add your item(s) into the collections. go to your any item page there you will see a button ‘Add to Collection’. Click on that button and add to your collections.

Yes, I have added that but still not showing to me.

You have to add Item(s) under the Collections ‘Google Spreadsheet Addon’ then those item(s) will display as Recommend other items in the item details page.

Yes, Collections are shown but how can we add related items at the bottom of the page as an author.


your 2nd post screenshot is the process. edit your any item and set the collections.

Yes, I did same but didn’t show any of the items within my item page.

It takes some time to show but now it’s working good. Thank you for your help @mgscoder