CodeForest ?

You guys probably thought of this before, but it would be cool to have a marketplace for scripts and applications.
This would be a good way to sell jquery plugins like lightboxes and slideshows, for example, or small php scripts like contact forms.

Now we just need a name… maybe CodeOcean ? I can picture it already, the symbol could be a shark fin !

Nope, it will “ScriptDesert” and there will be a scorpio in logo, and it will also allow people to sell premium WordPress and bbPress plugins.

Or at least - that’s what I would like to see :stuck_out_tongue:

What about a CSS-Cave with nice cross-browser design elements (not full sites) coded out? Thinking about navigation bars, forms, login boxes, breadcrumbs, blockquotes, content boxes, etc. Of course, you could add jQuery to them.


CodeCrack ? :stuck_out_tongue:

CodeCanyon :wink:

I’m sure they’re already working on all these things. Those guys at Envato are way ahead of the game :wink:

Hehe, yes.

This was discussed in some earlier topic (I made the suggestion :D) and Jeffrey said something like he’d pass the idea on to the Envato guys, but that he thought such an idea would fit better as some enhancement of Nettuts (plus)

I actually like CodeCave btw X)

Code Cave haha awesome! I had a think of some others and came up with these?

Code Canyon
Script Sea
PHP Palace
Code Cottage

Okay so I got a bit desperate toward the end but I guess I am not as good as some of you folks :slight_smile:

Code Space with saturn or jupiter? maybe even hal 9000 in logo?


“Code Cave” would be awesome with a BAT as the mascot, haha :smiley:

I vote for CodeCave too ! A bat would be perfect, since programmers and bats have lot in common:

  • don’t like the sunlike
  • huge glowing eyes from staring at the monitor
  • sleep with their head upside down (what do you mean, it’s just me ??)

Now make it happen !

OK, we’ll use “Script Desert” for marketplace for copywriters, as it is so deserted niche :stuck_out_tongue: and .net are taken.

Hey guys. Be loud if this interests you.

As I said in the previous thread, I’ll mention it in my report at the end of the month. :slight_smile:

IS THIS LOUD ENOUGH ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully this would be real, I’ve some perfect ideas for some PHP-Items.

I posted a reply in a previous thread about this, but if we’re being loud, I thought I’d have a voice in here too.

I think it’s a great idea, and would be VERY beneficial to people who are too busy to code something themselves, or simply don’t know how.

The only problem you’d be running into (which I think was mentioned), would be people using code snippets purchased in “CodeCave” (nice, btw!) in themes on ThemeForest.

There would have to be some sort of way to allow a themer to use the code, while still providing credit (and $credit) to code snippeteer. Then, this same system could be moved to GraphicRiver, etc etc.

Exactly. It could be difficult to regulate.

I’m not sure it would be much harder to regulate than Themeforest. After all we’re already selling code, even if it’s html and javascript code. You just have to trust people.

Here’s an idea that could also apply to Themeforest: the big problem with free scripts is lack of support. How about once you’ve bought a CodeCave script, you have access to a private support forum for that item ? This way people who pirate the script would be missing out on a lot more.