Codecanyon - uploading a .net project

Hi Everyone,

I have developed a CMS or a system that allows anybody to develop websites without any code. At the moment the system is 98% complete but once the system is finished i will finaly upload the project.

I have two questions.

  1. When selling the .net project, can i upload the compiled .net mvc core project dlls? Or do i need to provide the decompiled version of the .net project?

The reason i ask this is that its a unique system and i just want to provide the compiled version so that the code is not visible for buyers to copy the code. I understand that there are tools out there to reverse engineer the system, but i would just want to upload the compiled version.

I understand that in order for the .net mvc core project to work when users buy the project that i supply the database, this is a must for the system to work for the buyer. Which i will include when i upload the .net project.

  1. This system will have taken me one year and a half to develop once i have finished the rest of the functionality in the system. So as i have researched the web of how much CMS systems cost commercially, i found that the CMS systems can go around the region of $10,000 to $20,000 dollars. So would it be ok to sell my CMS for $15,000 dollers?.

Any feedback would be appreciated, ill wait for your response.



1- For marketplace, the source code has to be available without any limitation. You will have to share the whole source code.

2 - If you think you can sell it, you can put any price on it but remember that those CMS systems are custom build and one person only. You will be selling the item as template, my opinion, noone would pay more than ~600$ for a project that is open to everyone. ( Template vs custom work, I hope you know the difference ) The most expensive .NET project at CodeCanyon is 499$, the most expensive project at CodeCanyon is 699$ currently.

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Hi ki-themes,

Thanks for you response, this system is custom built. Its very complex of of how the system works.

I have attached a video so that you and other users can see how unique the system is.

The later versions will allow users to sell there products using paypal and stripe but knowledge of how to add payment gate way settings need experience.

Here is a link on youtube where i uploaded a video of the platform.

This is why i just wanted to provide the compiled version, because its really a unique flexible system where you dont need any code to develop websites.

You can also add pages in different layouts. And works as an SPA single page application so when the user wants to jump to another page the page will update without the page refreshing.

I’m not sure you think it’s unique, there’re too many front-end editors that allows the users to build the system with better results ( Elementor, Gutenberg, DIVI ) and my personal opinion, you may not even pass the “review” part with this item. On top of that, .NET servers are usually expensive due to license issues ( has to be a Windows server ) and if it’s not a custom build, most of the people won’t prefer it anymore but good luck!