Codecanyon review process is messed up

hello, again a new item of mine called rave which is a multi-currency investment system has been hard rejected instantly in less than 10hours, this item is up to Envato standards as I feel the person reviewing this item did not go through this properly. I have been uploading new scripts for 6months and all have been rejected, My clients contact me every day and ask me why are some of my items that are better than what is on codecanyon not there, I keep telling them it was hard rejected for the past six months.

the item name is rave - multi-currency investment platform



Admin Access:

Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: 1234

User Access:

User Login:Email: || Password: junejune

Hey Boomchart, I took a look at your product but honestly I am not sure what it is! You say that its a multi-currency investment system but how does that work!

You want to sell it on codecanyon, which means that you want other people to purchase this and make a good product out of this but before they can do that they need to know what it does and what’s it all about.

If I plan to buy it and build a product around it then how will my users earn on their investment? Where will the profit come from! What are these plans and what do this 6%, 8% mean?

Ok i guess people don’t understand the item description, will you understand it if i change the item description to modern investment platform. multi-currency investment means you can plans in more than one currency on just one account. Its a die hard feature people have been requesting for, not just a platform limited to 1 currency.

Hello sir,
Sorry but i did not understand what is the aim of your project and which problem will solve exactly for the buyers ?