Codecanyon Item Featured Twice??



Hi Everyone, it seems that the featured item was already featured :smiley:


Enjoy the exposure buddy :smiley:


haha! he’s so lucky lol! seems like envato doesn’t check it at all :smiley:


May be a bug! :slight_smile: Bugs are good sometimes you know :smiley:


Or maybe it’s a mistake, it happened before if I’m not mistaken. I was hoping my item will be there and he got it twice. So lucky! haha


@KingDog I’ve sent a support ticket about this issue.

ticket id is 321449



@phpbits You have Eagle Eyes :eyeglasses:


Heya! With the hundreds of free files over they years, I’m sure it’s a difficult process not to double up from time to time. I’m sure they’ll fix it as soon as they see your ticket :slight_smile:


It’s under the Featured Items not on the Free Files :smiley: , also it’s really obvious.

It’s been seating there for 2days now, I hope they’ll fix it when they see my ticket :slight_smile:



more like envious eyes for me now. He’s so lucky for lots of exposure haha! :smiley: