Code or Plugin needed for Gallery

I am looking for a gallery app with which I can upload photos, and each photo will have metadata associated with it. So that each time I share a photo I will get details of that picture in social media, instead of album main image associated with that album.

in simple words, I need galleries like wherein each image have importance.

need this for WordPress.

I have checked many websites and plugins no plugin seems to provide this feature may be due to some restrictions. Please let me know any code is available.

Hi, thanks for the reply. The plugin will add extra information to my image. But still, I am getting sliders.

I want to
have a seperate page for each image like one post for each photo in the gallery.
When I upload photos to the gallery and open each image, it should have the seperate post for it so that when I share them in social networks that particular image is displayed as a thumbnail instead of a featured image of that gallery.

I was thinking to build a theme like that then got busy with freelancer jobs. I’m not sure if the “photography” category has any theme such as this purpose but I could provide support for custom job if you’re interested in. In that case, please, let me know